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Opportunities may change prospects – prospects may chage a point of view – a different point of view may change the way of LIVING

I am from Zagreb (Republic of Croatia), but I am currently working in Novi Sad.
I have over 15 years of full time experience as a theatre, concert, wedding, portrait, fashion, sports, commercial and fine art photographer . However, my main focus is a theater and concert photography. I have built my professional photographer career on sharing stories through the visual language of photography and videography. My gift lies in discovering the familiar in the exotic and the remarkable in the ordinary. I have the unique ability to truly connect with my subjects, putting them at ease even under high pressure. I am an official photographer for Jeunesses Musicales Novi Sad, Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, Youth Theater in Novi Sad and Sterijino Pozorje. All over Eastern Europe, I have worked with well-known theater directors such as Aleksandar Popovski, prof. Aleksandar Nikolić, Marco Pucci Catena, Andras Urban, Kokan Mladenović and Igor Vuk Torbica. Moreover, I have photographed well-known artists and groups, such as Stefan Milenković, Vlatko Stefanovski, Emmanuel Pahud, Richard Galliano, Fazil Say, Massimo Savić, Roby Lakatos, Joo and Igudesman, King Singers, Petar Grašo, Josipa Lisac, Kemal Gekić, Nemanja Radulović, Misia, Yuri Basmet, Moscow Soloists, Camerata Baltica, Uros Peric, Sarah Chang, Recirquel, Amira Medunjanin, Kronos Quartet, Berezovski, Ysaye, Rita Kinka, Squardo, Jocelyn Pook, Aziza, Ebene Quartet, etc. On several occasions I have photographed Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra, Beograd Philharmonic orchestra, Slovenacko narodno gledalisce and Glinka choir.


The collaboration of Mr. Srdjan Doroski and Jeunesses Musicales Novi Sad started in 2009. Jeunesses Musicales Novi Sad main activity is the organization of concerts and it is considered to be the most important creator of music life in Novi Sad. Since the collaboration has started, Mr. Doroski’s activities are inseparable part in the presentation of our city.
During collaboration with Srdjan Doroski, Jeunesses Musicales Novi Sad has improved the presentation of its events. Mr. Srdjan’s creative and innovative photographs, especially the one that were used in our publications and presentations, have helped and still contributes to the promotion of Jeunesses Musicales Novi Sad.
Srdjan Doroski’s photographs are unique and they possess great aesthetic and artistic value. Concerts can be described as static and they do not leave a lot of space for creative visual photographs. However, the eye of Mr Doroski recognize and notice a lot of hidden details which are not only craftly captured but uniquely visually shaped and presented. Thus, many times his works charmed not only us as organizers but audience also. We were astonished by Mr Srdjan’s ability to capture the face expressions, body language in photographs. He also manages to show the feelings of musicians during a concert and their personal characteristics.
The photographer Srdjan Doroski is one of the most valued collaborators of Jeunesses Musicales Novi Sad. Besides talent and wittiness in the field of his expertise, Mr. Doroski is also a very reliable, hard-working, and dedicated person. Moreover, he is very communicative, easy-going, and caring person who will add value to every dedicated, creative, and successful team.

Yours sincerely,
Milan Radulovic, CEO
27/01/2021, Novi Sad


In the last two years, Srdjan Doroski was the official photographer of the festival Sterijino pozorje which traditionally takes place from May 26 th until June 3 rd .

Doroski has showed an exceptional talent in his photos and ability to illustrate the atmosphere of the theatre plays, their visual sensations and high aesthetic qualities, and to reach the level of an authentic document and a permanent record of one of the most ephemeral arts.

His photos are dynamic, they show the beauty of movement, scene and costume design details, mime and gestures of the actors. Srdjan also impressively captured the atmosphere before and after the plays, in the foyer, from theatre critics round tables, in the theatre club of Serbian National Theatre, and this led to the overall impression of the significance and the greatness of the most important theatre festival in our country. In addition, Srdjan Doroski possesses a high level of professionalism, responsibility and respect of all contracts and arrangements, and this is why he is a permanent collaborator of Sterijino pozorje.

Dr. Miroslav Radonjić
general manager of Sterijino Pozorje, Novi Sad


Srdjan Doroski’s photographs I noticed for the first time on Sterija Theater commercial materials and on the Serbian National Theatre posters. Immediately, I noticed the difference between his work and the work of other photographers. I was very happy to find out that Mr Doroski accepted out terms and the offer to photograph New Fortress Theater Festival. I am the member of the festival committee and I have the opportunity to work with this incredible master.
There are rare photographs, like Srdjan Doroski, that can catch the details of the scene life. He does not present just movements, but their meanings also, he does not catch just faces but their intentions also. He does not make just photographs of motionless poising but he also portraits whirlpool of events. Srdjan Doroski manages to overcome all traps of fake and phony. He does not direct his camara towards something that is obvious. His artistic work is much thoughtful, and he does not miss anything that can tell more than verbal description. Moreover, his work does not rely only on the power of a photographer’s eye. He does not want only to capture what can be noticed at the first sight. His photographs do not answer only to the question what but also to the question how.
In other words, Mr Doroski changes the reality with his photographs showing that the camara is able to reveal many things which general public cannot see. He is able to create a very effective portrait of a face that he catches in passing by. Therefore, he is able to present artistically what a face would like to hide in reality.
Srdjan Doroski is a photographer whose artistic eyes, skills, and commitment we have welcomed wholeheartedly. He is the photographer who I would more than gladly recommend to anyone.

Vida Ognjenovic

Since 2013, Srdjan Doroski has been working on various projects organized by Ujvidek Szinhaz. In 2013, he was a photographer at NOMUS festival with which we were co-producing the show „West Side Story “.
Comparing to other official theater photographs, Srdjan’s photographs vibrate with colors, movements and emotions depicting to a viewer why it is important to watch the show. After so many years, I must admit that some of his photographs were better than actual shows.
So far, Srdjan has been the photograph on 36 shows. Moreover, he has been the photographer on all our Synergy World Theater Festivals. His photograph depicts carefully chosen moments and they also emphasize actors’ play and movements and with their background, they give the artistic value to the show. Srdjan’s lens never stays distant and cold. He always approaches boldly to an actor on the scene but with deep understanding and tolerance. It makes a photograph very adjustable to various posters and other advertisement materials. Moreover, I can say that Srdjan’s photographs have extremely improved the brand of Novi Sad theater.
Srdjan Doroski is one of the best theater photographs in Vojvodina and even further. However, the more important thing is that it is seen that the photographer loves what he sees through his lens.
Therefore, by looking at his photographs, we also start liking a show.

Robert Lenard, Art Director
Novi Sad Theater - Ujvidek Szinhazding element


Today, everything can be photographed, and it is photographed. However, there are rare photographers that trully see what they photograph. The photograph taken by Srdjan Doroski represents the scenes from the life. He presents unique and aesthetic scenes of objective reality. A lot of photographers have worked in the theater and they still work and very often you cannot tell difference between their photographs from various shows, everything is dark and gloomy. On the other side, photographs of Srdjan Doroski are something completely different. They represent the sufferings of the characters’ souls, conflicts of the characters, the scenes of delicate situations that change the flow of the story, inner conflicts of the characters, etc. Mr. Doroski manages to find with his sharp eye the detail that represents the main point of a theater show.

The last but not the least, in today’s era of short instant sensations, Mr. Doroski’s photographs are memorable and they sell what they advertise and in the case of Ujvideki sinhaz it is a theater show.
Journalist and PR of Ujvideki sinhaz, Snezana Miletic


I am writing with great pleasure to recommend one of my best coworkers regarding the positions that require highly-developed perceptive skills and artistically-oriented approach. Considering his remarkable qualities in the field of artistic perception and photographing, Srđan Doroški, photographer in Novi Sad Center for Dance research and art of Flamenco, has shown outstanding results in the wide range of activities.

Since we have been collaborating for more than ten years in the Center I am well-aware of his interests and ambitions. Srđan Doroški has proven to be a reliable coworker. He is photographer with specific style and high sensibility for composition and content. He is very competent, possessing strong will and strict principles and open to new ideas as well. He is very efficient and innovative. What distinguishes him from other coworkers I collaborate with is his creative thinking.

He has an ability to draw on his own experience and observations and to develop thoughtful ideas on a variety of issues. In addition, he is organized, hard-working and conscientious. Not only is he a good team player, but he can also work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the tasks get done. I recommend Srđan Doroški to be considered as a coworker who can became an important and reliable member of your team, and I can assure you that he will meet your requirements and live up to your expectations. 

Maja S. Vukadinović,PhD
Fouder and director of



I have decided to collaborate with Srđan Doroški, MSc, a photographer and photo reporter due to his wide experience and participation in the field of cultural production. Srđan’s photo achievements in the field of a scene photography and event photography are the proof of how the art could reach the audience and Srđan has succeeded in this endeavor better than any words or performance criticism. Srđan is famous for his cooperation with well-known theaters in Novi Sad, such as Srpsko narodno pozorište and Ujvidek szinhaza. He participated in the numerous performances such as: “Fiddler on the roof”, “West side story“, “Richard the third, “Babet“, “Ban Bank“, “Awakening of spring“, “Elektra“, “Neoplanta“, “The Wizard of Oz”, etc. Moreover, he participated as a photographer in renowned festivals and manifestations such as NOMUS, Novi Sad summer, Christmas-New Year concerts, etc. Mr. Doroški’s individual exhibitions (“Sea and People”, “Dance”, “Pure black and white”) left the audience speechless and expressed his sensibility towards human portrait and nature. He showed his view of tonal contrast reality at “Pure black and white” exhibition or expressed his idea about the sea at “Sea and People” exhibition. Therefore, every detail in Srđan’s photos shows us that we have encountered a remarkable photo professional who has a unique style and expresses his emotion through photography.

Teodora Ž. Janković, a journalist and publicist


When in 2012 I started working in Serbian National Theatre as a public relations editor, I had the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with many artists, their work and their personalities.
Surely, there were individuals among them who were outstanding due to their qualities, both personal and professional. It is always important to be able to recognize a person`s qualities in order to make progress in our work.

Srdjan Doroski is surely one of the people who are outstanding due to his work which is marked by dedication, enthusiasm, creativity, warmth, and experience.
I met Srdjan`s work through my involvement in theatre art. I would not exaggerate if I say it was `love at first photo`.

Srdjan `s photos are truly fascinating with their perfect composition of light and movement. His skill to convey both the emotion and the message of the play, scene or character is recognized by numerous artists of our theatre and Srdjan has over time become the most wanted photographer in our theatre. Whether it is drama, opera or ballet, Srdjan is expected to be there to capture the work of the authors, artists, and directors. Srdjan `s intelligence and organizational skills allow him to work in large organizations such as theatres and theatre festivals, and his inner peace and focus on work help him overcome very stressful situations in a professional manner.
Theatre is a living art, always ongoing, and it is, therefore, necessary to be able to deal with it – with the people and with the organization of work. Srdjan has showed that he can make the best in any situation and not let his work suffer. He always meets deadlines, and it is a proof that he respects both himself and his work, but also his colleagues, collaborators and their work and time. Srdjan `s general knowledge and interest in literature, cinematography, and art show that he is a person who is open-minded and with no intellectual borders. He is a warm person who really cares for the people around him, for the society and mankind.
For all the reasons mentioned above, I can wholeheartedly recommend you Srdjan Doroski as a reliable and high-quality person, with no fear that he will not fulfill, and even overcome, your expectations. Feel free to contact me if you need any additional information regarding Srdjan and my experience while working with him.

Jelena Lagator
Public relations editor
PR Centre, Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad

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